dreamstime_xl_58079609B-RING main focus is products’ quality and fully satisfied customers. Our highly professional engineers and sophisticated testing equipment and laboratories ensures that all B-RING products are manufactured according to the most strict quality standards in the automotive industry. During production process we are using the best materials and equipment, such as multi-level heat treatment lines, computer-controlled grinding, polishing CNC machines, precise testing tools and instruments. Quality control is being performed during all production stages, starting from raw materials and finishing in packing lines. Total quality of the products is guaranteed by complying to the worldwide quality standards ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001.

Most important quality control steps during manufacturing:

– Raw materials metallurgical examination before manufacturing.
– Metal structure testing after multi-level heat treatment.
– Measurements and surfaces inspection in CNC lines and before assembly.
– Sound and vibration testing after assembly in automated assembly lines.

We are constantly improving the quality by performing products’ life tests on real road simulator machines.

All of the above mentioned quality assurance elements allows us to grant our customers a factory warranty of one year or 50 000 km.